About me

I am a researcher specialising in computational astrophysics, trying to make sense of the physics which describe the formation and evolution of galaxies.

2020-10-19 12.07.13I got my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in astronomy at the University of Copenhagen, and I did my PhD at CRAL under the supervision of Jérémy Blaizot. My 2012 PhD thesis was titled Cosmological RHD Simulations of Early Galaxy Formation. After, I had a four-year postdoc position with Joop Schaye at Leiden Observatory, and I returned to Lyon for a postdoc at CRAL in September 2016. In May 2018, I was appointed a permanent CNRS researcher at CRAL.

A long time ago, I studied computer science at the University of Iceland, getting a bachelor’s degree in 1998. After that I worked for six years as a software developer in Iceland, mainly writing three-tier Java applications for governmental institutes, banks, and pharmacies.

In astronomy, I primarily work with simulations, where my education and experience in both computer science and astrophysics is of great use. My main interest is the formation and evolution of galaxies, from the birth of the Universe to the present day. I use simulations to try and make sense of observations of the Universe, and to figure out what are the main physical mechanisms that regulate the growth of galaxies by suppressing star formation and blowing out gas.

When I’m not looking for bugs and/or trying to understand the strange behaviour of galaxies, I can usually be found watching a movie, running, cooking, or playing tennis with my kids trying to get my kids to stop playing video games.

My main role models in life are my family, friends, mentors, and collaborators who have pushed me forwards, Carl Sagan, Jamie Oliver (master of gastronomy, a closely related field), and John Malkovich (master of puppets).